“I am 2/5 of the way through the orientation videos. My firm has implemented 4-5 new procedures from the tools and options on the Slack site. The information is invaluable. Thank you very much for letting me be part of the group.” —Eli K., a brand-new member

Keith Tokerud and Jon McCarty
Scott, Tokerud & McCarty, PC

Cory Howes
Strauss Attorneys, PLLC

“I have found participation in the WC, now EPIC, peer groups invaluable. Sharing ideas, challenges and solutions makes us all better.  It also gives us/forces us to spend a modicum of time quarterly working on our practice not just in our practices.  Well worth it.  Tom and Nate do a great job moderating.” —Keith Davis, CPA, J.D.,LL.M.(Tax)

“I can say that the live peer group has helped me deal with challenges of running a business, provided great feedback and support as well as the accountability needed when you are a business owner. It is also helping me prepare for the next phase in my career, selling my practice.” —Amy P. (FL)

“I always wanted a cottage on a lake to share time with family and friends. With substantially increased revenue and profits from the strategies and solutions I secured from my participation in EPiC Peer Groups, I was able to accomplish this goal. My gross revenue has increased 96% since I joined Peer Group 3.5 years ago.

I now track my EPiC Score (leads, prospects, closings and deliveries) as a predictive indicator for my success. I regularly exceed my EPiC Score objective and am now revising it upward. My average revenue per matter has dramatically increased. My firm has recorded 6 straight revenue record quarters and I have increased my revenue per full time equivalent to my desired strike zone.” —Richard C. (OH)

“I’ve been a member of an EPiC Peer Group for a year. It’s a great investment. Tom and Nate provide many valuable materials I have implemented in my practice to help make it run more profitably and efficiently. Members of my Peer Group meet regularly and selflessly share ideas and materials. If you are looking to scale your practice and run it like a business, you need to speak with Tom and Nate.” —Robert G. (GA)

I am thrilled with the information you are providing and the group I have joined. Thank you again.” —Andrea J. (FL)

“I just returned from my first Peer Group session. It was a 10+ on a scale of 1 to 10! Tom Fafinski and his law partner Nate Nelson did an outstanding job as facilitators and were great guys to boot. I was able to work on instead of in my law practice for two highly productive days, an opportunity I will have four times a year because of the Peer Group solution.  

My Peer Group was comprised of several similarly situated but non-competitive estate planning attorneys from across the country who share a common desire to increase the cash flow and improve the efficiency of our offices and ultimately be the best lawyers we can be. I received actionable feedback from my fellow members as well as from Tom and Nate to help me achieve the goals I have set for my practice, and appreciate the fact that they will hold me accountable to meeting those goals as we go forward. 

If you are an established estate planning attorney and want to achieve better results for your practice, I strongly recommend you consider the Peer Group solution!” —Thomas F. (MA)

I have been in a Peer Group for about three years now. I first heard about peer groups at the symposium a few years ago when Tom Fafinski and Nathan Nelson did a presentation on them. I was immediately interested, but at the time I didn’t think I could afford it.

I followed up about a year later and decided to take the plunge and join. It has been an unbelievable difference maker for my practice! In the last three years, I’ve more than tripled my practice. Obviously the peer group is not the only reason for that, but it has been a significant contributor.

Beyond that, the friendships I’ve made, the ability to have a tight group of knowledgeable folks to ask questions not only about running my practice, but planning strategies, technology, systems and processes, hiring/firing and managing staff, etc. have been invaluable. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, joining a peer group is an excellent investment. I use that word intentionally, because I don’t really view it as a cost at this point.

You have to invest in yourself and your practice if you want to make it better and grow. There are other coaching programs out there, some of which I am sure are great, but for the money, I think the EPiC peer groups are about the best bang for the buck you can find.” —Cory H. (NC)

At the peer group in the very first hour I got an idea that made the trip worth it and I got several more in the balance of the time that I have been here. ” —Hank W. (CN)

“This peer group interaction, the facilitating by both Tom and Nate, have been just amazingly insightful.  They have pushed us to make commitments that – that is something that I am usually loathe to do; they have helped us the way we measure the financial results of our practice and have helped us to do the planning and work on our practice as opposed to working in our practice. Absolutely worth the investment.” —Andy S. (NC)

“I just want to say thank you for your input and patience. I will say that the peer group’s value has shown up big time during this pandemic. WC should push that for when they try to get people to sign up for peer groups. I was hesitant to sign up … but it’s been worth the money.”  —Amy R. (FL)

“Thank you very much—this is a great tool and input for us all. Thanks also for your consistent actions on members’ behalf.” —Bill C. (VA)

“Thank you guys for all the wonderful information and support! You guys have been amazing in leading that powerful group! 🙂 Attorneys as a whole need this … if we don’t band together it will be tougher and tougher out there as time goes on.” —Shadi S. (CA)

“Defining the vision, mission, and core principles of your practice is an important starting point for long-term success. The extra ingredient that has led to improved success for me is adding a process where someone thoughtfully and lovingly holds me accountable for what I do and don’t do. Moving from a vision into real and measurable goals for revenue and profit is a great start.

My participation in the Peer Group program has led me to construct roadmaps—actionable and realistic plans—to help me achieve my goals. The key isn’t the particulars of the program, it’s the thoughtful holding to account and insight provided by colleagues when married to vision and action plans that have led to the growth.

Define your vision, craft a plan, and then find someone to hold you accountable to your plan. That’s the winning combination for growing your practice.” —Stan M. (AR)

The Survey Results:

100% of respondents recommend participation in the Peer Group. 100% of respondents indicate that participation has enhanced their practice. 90% indicate that the Peer Group has greatly enhanced their practice.

When asked: “Based upon your participation in the Peer Group solution, how much do you think you been benefited in terms of growth in revenue, operational efficiency associated with management structure or processes, sales and marketing ideas, increases in your pricing from value pricing, bench marking from peers, incorporation of technology solutions, additional product offerings:”

  • 30% responded by $100,000 or more
  • 10% responded by $50,000
  • 10% responded by $30,000
  • 20% firms responded that there was a benefit but that it was incalculable or uncertain (but indicate for certain a benefit in visibility and efficiency of operation)
  • Only 1 firm responded that it had not received a financial benefit (but still recommended participation)

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