Picture depicts a peer group made up of estate planning attorneys who are gathered to focus on accelerating their firm's growth and efficiency through accountability and collaboration.

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Develop the skills you need to grow your law firm into a more profitable and efficient business.

EPiC Peer Groups

Estate Planners’ i Council

“i” is for innovation, immersion, information, ingenuity, interconnection, interaction

EPiC is a peer group—or mastermind—concept for law firms who focus on estate planning. Members meet regularly in a collaborative environment to help each other become better business owners, solution providers and investors in their own businesses.


See what our members are saying

“I have found participation in [EPiC] peer groups invaluable. Sharing ideas, challenges and solutions makes us all better.  It also…forces us to spend a modicum of time quarterly working on our practices—not just in our practices.  Well worth it.” —KD

“The friendships I’ve made, the ability to have a tight group of knowledgeable folks to ask questions not only about running my practice, but planning strategies, technology, systems and processes, hiring/firing and managing staff, etc. have been invaluable. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, joining a peer group is an excellent investment. I use that word intentionally, because I don’t really view it as a cost at this point.” —CH

“I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie among the people in my peer group. But the most important thing was when this whole thing happened with COVID…to have access to all the estate planning firms across the country. I’ve learned so much with how they handled things.” —GS

How can a peer group membership help to grow my business?

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