EPiC Certified

What is an EPiC Certified Estate Planning Law Firm, and why is this designation important?

None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Kenneth Blanchard

In order for a law practice to become an EPiC Certified Estate Planning Law Firm, it must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. A significant portion of its income must be earned from the practice of estate planning, elder law planning, asset protection planning or related practice areas (“Estate Planning”).
  2. Regularly and actively participates in a national think-tank/mastermind organization of estate planning law firms on at least a quarterly basis.
  3. Participates in a quality assurance system, which includes the vetting of its strategies and solutions.
  4. Utilizes Estate Planning documents which have been subjected to a review process, geared toward achieving best-in-class language, conducted by at least 100 practicing attorneys from across the country.
  5. Has access to continuing legal education resources focused on Estate Planning by virtue of a membership, affiliation or association with an Estate Planning-focused organization (outside of EPiC).

Who We Are

EPiC Peer Groups is an organization comprised of several peer groups, each consisting of estate planning law firms from around the country. By participating in a national think tank-like organization, members have the opportunity to brainstorm and analyze their firm’s systems, processes and strategies to determine best practices—a demonstrated commitment of professional development.


Contact EPiC to confirm a law firm’s designation as “EPiC Certified” if you have concerns.